Sleeping with Lavender

As well as the gorgeous smell essential oils give when enjoying an aromatherapy massage each essential oil actually has its own set of benefits. Today I thought I would talk about Lavender. Along with many other benefits that lavender holds it is great for helping you drift off to the land of nod.


Lavender has to be one of the most relaxing essential oils and can even help to induce sleep if you’re struggling to gain a regular sleep pattern or find you have too much on your mind at night to drift off quickly. There are a number of ways you can use the oil to help at night, the first and the easiest of which is dropping a little onto your pillow before going to bed at night, obviously, check with your partner first as they will be able to smell it too, but if they don’t mind you only need one or two drops, not much. Secondly, you could burn it in an oil burner in your bedroom before going to bed or whilst enjoying a relaxing bath, just remember to put your oil burner out before going to bed! And thirdly, try adding it to your evening bath, you need to firstly mix the essential oil with a carrier oil before adding it to the bath water and be careful not to use too much as essential oils can irritate the skin but it can make for the most relaxing bath; it will help to relax aching muscles and it’s fairly affordable too!


Just a little bit of health and safety for you before I end this post. Lavender oil should never be ingested and I am not a doctor so if you are going to use the oil to treat any ailments it is always best to consult a medical professional first as well as if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as there are some oils that should be avoided during this time. And obviously, do not use the oil if you have an allergy to Lavender. Other than that I hope you all enjoy using this oil to aid in a peaceful nights sleep!

Why you need a massage…

At Royal Orchid Beauty we want your massage to be as enjoyable as possible and in this cold weather I’m sure the last thing any of us want to do is lie on a couch in a cold room half naked. That’s why we have our treatment rooms heated to the perfect temperature, cover the couch in a heated blanket (which also helps to relax your muscles even more!) and cover you in a fluffy, soft duvet.

We also like the massage to be completely tailored to you, choose if you want a relaxing massage or have your muscles worked on a little more with a deeper, more firm massage concentrating on knots and tight areas.

If you have never had a massage before or are trying to persuade the other half that you need to go for a massage then here are a few reasons why you probably need one, even if you don’t quite know it yet! Aside from the benefits that massage gives to the mind and soul there are a number of other benefits that massage can offer you.

• It increases the oxygen and nutrients that reach the tissues by improving the blood circulation.

• It also helps to ease any congestion and blockages which can increase our energy levels.

• It helps to stimulate the brain, producing endorphins – the body’s natural mood enhancers.

• Regular massages have been known to alleviate headaches or the severity of migraines.

• It increases the lymphatic system helping to rid your body of toxins.

• And finally, if you’ve ever had a massage before I’m sure you are already aware of the effects it has on a good nights sleep. If you ever have trouble sleeping, prescribe yourself a massage and you’ll sleep like a baby!

To book a massage or to just talk more about your needs please call the salon, located in Chichester, West Sussex, on 01243 787222 or just pop in.