For more information on any of the treatments below or to make an appointment please call the salon in Chichester on 01243 787222


Orchid Express Facial – 25mins – £30

Enjoy a quick pick me up facial which includes a relaxing scalp massage and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Prescriptive facials

All our prescriptive facials include a relaxing facial massage and can be personalised to suit your skin type. Discuss with your therapist any skin concerns and have the facial adapted for your needs. Our facial products are free from mineral oil, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

All our prescriptive facials are £50

Deep Clean 55mins

Removing impurities with a deep exfoliation and packed with anti-oxidants this facial will also hydrate and provide a high level of protection against damage associated with the signs of premature ageing.

 Time Line Intensive Anti-Ageing 55mins

Hydrating, firming and plumping, this facial will help to fight against and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while providing a high level of protection against environmental stresses.

Ultra Hydration 55mins

With the properties of aloe vera and camellia this facial will comfort, soothe and soften tight, dry skin leaving the skin richly hydrated with an increased defence against external environmental damage.

C+ Brightening Facial 55mins

This facial will promote a healthier, brighter complexion, perfect for hyper-pigmentation, sun & environmental damage and dull skin complexion.

Oil Control 55mins

Packed with tea tree and lemongrass to purify pores with the added benefits of lavender and sandalwood this facial will help maintain your skins natural pH level and encourage a balanced oil production.


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