Clean skin is happy skin

Keeping good skincare in the evenings is definitely something that is put on the back burner for a lot of us. Unlike the mornings when you’re wide awake and it’s easy to give your face a good cleanse whilst in the shower, by the evening after a hard days work or looking after the children and doing the daily chores brushing teeth is about the last thing lots of us can manage, but it’s important that we do! Think about the amount of time spent putting the make-up on in the mornings, it probably won’t take even half that time and is so much more beneficial to the skin than slapping it on is!


So what can actually happen to the skin?

By not giving your skin a good clean at night it also means that anything your skin has come to contact with throughout the day from the natural environment will stay on your skin, this mixed with left on make-up creates a great place for the unwanted bacteria you have failed to wash off to thrive.

Make-up, the skins natural oils and dirt can block pores making them more noticeable and appear larger, it is thought that over time this can even stretch them, a sign of premature ageing; as we age our skin loses elasticity so the structure that supports our skin and keeps the pores tighter, smaller and less visible loosens making them more noticeable.

Sleeping in your make-up also means that your are keeping that barrier over the surface of your skin which means you are locking in irritants on your skin and keeping moisturisers locked out, not giving your skin the nourishment it needs, leaving your skin more irritated and prone to redness.

These are just a few of the many reasons as to why it is important we all clean our skin at night, remember, clean skin is happy skin!


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